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Plumbing issues during a home inspection

Some plumbing problems may be obvious, while others may not. Home inspectors are trained to spot both.

Problems with leaks

During a home inspection, problems like water leaks will result in a notice or citation. A home inspector will check for signs of any potential water leak. They also often look for signs of water leaks by examining wood boards and members under or near pipes for dark, circular stains and/or rotting wood, as these are typical signs of a water leak.

Problems with cross-connections

Cross-connections are another problem home inspectors look for when inspecting a home. A cross-connection occurs when water intended for domestic use is contaminated by another water source or vice versa.

Problems with pipes

Home inspectors check for inadequate and broken pipes when inspecting a home. Some pipes may only be used for certain purposes, while others are banned outright for home use. For example, polyethylene (PE) pipes are allowed for domestic use only in conjunction with water pressure vessels and main water shut-off valves, while polybutylene (PB) pipes are prohibited for domestic use.

Broken pipes are another problem home inspectors look for during a home inspection. In either case, a broken pipe can result in an endorsement.

Home improvement projects

There may be times when you decide to fix a plumbing problem yourself. However, certain home improvement projects may result in you being contacted by a home inspector. For example, perhaps you noticed a leaky pipe in your basement and decided to cover the hole with duct tape. If a home inspector discovers your work, they may determine that the repair is inadequate and issue you a notice.

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